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, and businesses are getting prepared. what the giants-cardinals match- up will mean to the local economy. >> cleanup begins in the aftermath of a devastating fire at a popular bay area restaurant. why a former tenant of the building says he's not surprised about what happened. >>> excitement is building. the giants open up their series tomorrow, but the pennant chase has local businesses hoping for a business boost. >> business was great in the dugout sports store. fans were snapling up gear. >> it will be good for pedros and pete's, and probably for public house. >> reporter: good, too, for the popular paradigm bar a block away. >> it was chaos for most of the time, but it was fun, you know. lots of people excited, and everyone, you know, piling out on the streets. >> now paragon is gearing up for a repeat, and trying to make room for as many as they can fit in. >> people have been calling in all day. that's what we're doing differently this time. we're doing all walk-in basics, so first come first several for the tables. we've opened up two additional rooms. a room in the back. >> loc
decision of the 49ers game this afternoon at candle stick park and local leaders are urging visitors to speak with public transit and all events can cause the major headaches and we're watching for. >> and start at 12:30, parts of columbus avenue will be blocked off for the italian heritage parade. the embarcadero closure combined with the 6:30 pitch for tonight's giants reds game and expected to cause congestion near 2ityet and area as well. watch out on that. 19th avenue and golden gate bridge are clogged up following the bluegrass festival, wrapping up at 7:00 as well and that is not just san francisco. right now, in san jose, the athletes and music lovers are gathering downtown for the annual rock'n'roll half marathon expect the closures in downtown, japantown, and the rose garden area. san jose. >>> and five terror suspects expedited from the united kingdom had their day in court. and they had the pleas in africa. in a courtroom in new york yesterday, the leader radical islamic preacher entered no plea. he is charged with attempting to set up a teritor -- terrorist training camp
and hardly bluegrass. >> we have been getting hundreds and hundreds of unique local neighbors, listing their parking space, or in this case, they are moving their cars. to capitalize on all this extra traffic. >> driver rentals depend on $49. there is a premium. it isn't the only game in town. >> we launched in san francisco. >> a baltimore based company that has fewer local highways, but lets you reserve a spot in the garage. cofounder believes the increase in driveway rental competitions is encouraging. >> other people being out there means more people are aware. >> and going to see you again. >> park police believe their personal service sets them apart from the rest. they personally verify each driveway. the key they believe to success. >> you have a reservation for tomorrow, right? >> yeah, that's great. >> times to rent out your driveways. something to keep in mind. driveway owners you are responsible for keeping track of your own income. driverway renters, no blocking swabs or curves. cbs 5. >>> 50 years ago today, bond, james bond, became a movie star. the first film pr
different local and state positions. >> will be interesting to see what the headlines are tomorrow. >> very interesting. >> liz, thank you. >>> well, if you sat down in front of the tv last night, you certainly had a lot of options, and tonight we can declare a winner. in third place, the giants absolute dismantling of the st. louis cardinals. about 8 million americans tuned in for game 7. that's pretty good. in second place, monday night football, where almost 11 million people watched the bears beat the lions, and with the dominant win, yes, the third presidential debate, which drew 59.2 million viewers, pretty big drop from the first two debates which drew 67 million and 65 million respectively. and that brings to us today, the first day of the rest of the campaign, as cbs reporter noting ham shows -- noting ham shows us, the sprint to the finish is on. >> reporter: both candidates were there in colorado tuesday, paul ryan and mitt romney. >> paul ryan and i will lower taxes on business and on the middle class in america. >> reporter: romney is spending the final days of his campaign f
for yourself. this video was shot by local fan, andrew, and uploaded to youtube. it shows the team oracle moving along the bay at a good clip and then all of a sudden, you start to see it go to the right. that's when the bows start to chop away and before you know it, it falls over. the team has done this maneuver several times before, but this time, kite him off guard. >> the sailors knew something was terribly wrong when the back of the boat. >> the team tactician says the wind was blowing one way at 25 knotts and the current was going in the opposite direction. as they turned, the boat did a pitch pole. >> that's when the capsizes occur. >> at first, it didn't look that bad, most of the boat was still out of the water and in tact, as crews clung to the upside down poll. the wing, which stood 13 story st tall was under water. the waves snapped off the wing and chopped it into pieces. the hole got thrashed, at least seven miles out to see. >> i'm not sure what went wrong to be honest. we'll have to review the video. >> all of a sudden, it started to go over. did a pitch pole and wo
their local chapter to change its policy against gay scouts. officially the boy scouts of america have a don't ask don't tell policy on sexual orientation. some chapters quietly bend the rules for gay scouts. >> the hope is this counsel will join dozens if not hundreds of others and many other troupes that have openly decided to defy the policy regarding gay membership. >> reporter: after meeting briefly with them behind doors the scouts stood firm. >> the response back was pretty much the same. this is a national policy. we are told to follow the national policy. >> reporter: for ryan that's no deter rent. he received an honor from a fellow scout. >> i still hope ryan gets his annual eagle ceremony in may. he'll at least get mine. >> reporter: he's received many more eagle pins. for now that's enough. >> i feel hopeful. i think change is gradual. >> as ryan fights for his eagle scout badge, the boy scouts lose a major legal battle. these are the perversion files, thousands of pages detailing accusations of sexual abuse by scout leaders dating back decades. much of the abuse was either cover
-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ 2 baseball play-off games... ...and a record setting performace by the 49ers... i >> sports scene was full of sports. record setting performance by the 49ers. i can capitalize this in about a minute. natives were restless. giants had to do something. ryan ludwig had other plans. the reds are off. the reds roll 9 to nothing and they lead the series. that busy your game right there. the ea tied, bases loaded, there is your walk
and of local elections. so we have everything from debate coverage coming up and we have your look at proposition 30. >> yes, governor jerry brown was in town yesterday. >> and you visited him. >> and we might be sitting and talking with republicans. >> yeah. >> a rare thing to happen in the bay area. >> we have a lot coming up. if you're making your way around the bay today, the reminder the san mateo bridge was closed and a 5.3 earthquake that a lot of people are talking about this morning and sports going on today. >> ritwade -- with the raiders and giants. >> yes. >> first, the biggest story in the nation or coming out this morning is george mcgovern. he was known probably best for losing the presidential race to richard nixon in 1972. in that election, he won two states and had a long career. he died this morning in his home state of south dakota. he was 90 years old. >> he was a lawmaker who served the country more than two decades. susan macinnis has more on his passion for people and the world. >> reporter: senator george mcgovern from south dakota was the democrat's choice
. the activist decided to raise money for the local groups instead. >> and i think that they have lots of people to answer to. and we just decided that it was something we wanted to direct our attention locally to instead of getting confused on the big national political conversations. >> and so far the group has raised about $93,000 and they are confident that it will reach a goal of $100,000 by the time that the three-day walk ends tomorrow. >>> lindsay lohan says she was assaulted at a hotel. why the charges against the man who did it were suddenly dropped. >>> and you could call it a great example of the chill must go on. justin bieber throws up on stage lights and ends the show. "hotel transylvania" "hotel transylvania" checked in wih one of the strongest opening weekends ever for a movie dt in september. the animated comedy about a hotel for monsters took in 3 million dollars. also posting a strong opening wae number- two film, the time- travel thriller, "looper," starring bruce willis. "endf watch," "trouble with the curve," and 'house at the ef the street" rounded out thep five. lindsay
and what do all the people that have health issues, who have been relying on it. >> as far as local law is concerned, the low tell leaves $28,000 all by unregulated. >>> if case you haven't heard, san francisco will be the target of a full scale invasion. mike asked the question, should we do worried? if our last line of defense is muni. >> did you hear? a couple big baseball playoff games in the bay area this weekend. sold out football game at candle stick. >> there's america's cup of racing r. it's fleet way ebbing. with the blue angels, then there's the fair. are you going to be there? >> yeah. >> and bluegrass, golden gate park. >> there's going be hundreds and thousands again, if not more than a million people converging on the city. >> sound, muni is not very good. >> that's not just an opinion. on time a little more than-the time. it's short 160 drivers. they go unfilled. >> i'm optimistic about this weekend. >> really? >> investing in the infrastructure, which is the buses, the track, the trains, the traffic flow. and they're going to get better. >> this is the type o
local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. days... cbs 5 reporter, len es >>> gasoline prices are spiking all across the bay area. they're up $0.10 to $0.40 in the past couple days. why the pump prizes are rising, as oil prices are going down. >> reporter: it was just last week when drivers were paying $3.95 a gallon. today the same gas up $0.30 to $0.40 more. >> i don't understand the big jumps. >> reporter: tom robinson says prices could go up another $0.50 a gallon before it's over. and it's only happening here. >> this really appears to be just a west coast phenom, primarily california. you have low inventories and refinery problems. >> reporter: a chevron fire was just the beginning. a power failure in torrance have cut supplies. the low inventories caught a lot of distributors empty-handed. now it's the drivers who are running on empty. >> i might get maybe a quarter-tank on $20. >> reporter: crude prices, ironically, are dropping. >> when you see something tha
they monitor radio traffic and local news reports. >> there's no known threat against the city or any of the events this weekend. those are things as officials we have to take that type of thing. >> what if there's a horrible earthquake today? are we prepared? >> we're prepared to manage. i can't prevent it. i wish i could say that nothing bad ever happens by all this planning. that's the whole point is that whatever happens to get thrown at us, we're prepared to manage it. >> cbs 5. >> and for all things fleet week including up to the minute traffic, go to our web site, >> it was bound to happen, california gas prices have hit an all time average high. a gallon of unledded regular gas is now $4.61. that's up 12 cents from just yesterday. some stations are even charging $5 a gallon. if you had to fill up, you know the feeling. >> there's nothing else i can change except that it hurts a lot. every time we turn around we're getting hit with something. >> that's quite a hike. it's not even a step by step. it makes a big difference. >> the previous record was set back in 2008.
. tomorrow's topic, the role of government. big versus small. >>> one of the most hotly contested local races is in san jose where there's a push to raise the minimum wage. it gets its import from low wage workers and labor groups. big money is being spent on defeating measure d. >> do i look like i'm worth $8? no. >> both sides are turning up the volume over measure d. the chamber of commerce released a 22 page report. bottom line, up to 2800 jobs would vanish. san jose's minimum wage went from $8 to $10. labor costs would go up. businesses would have to lay off or reduce worker's hours. since more than half the workers live outside of san jose, they would spend the extra income outside the city. >> if you add it up, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> mayor chuck reid is worried about spending $600,000 to hire inspectors. >> it will have to come from somewhere. should i take it from the police department? should i take it from the library? >> the california restaurant association paid $11,000 for the report. the main author denied any charges of bias. >> because people often com
to state and local candidates. critiques say the union are restricted but it is not as tough on corporate contributions because if they can't write a check in one place then they can write it somewhere else because they have deep pockets. am i saying it right? >> the union contributions was pay tech protection, prohibiting the use of payroll reductions for political purposes if you are a union member. of course the union members are fighting this vehemently. this is job one for them in this election because they are saying this is their free speech and their way to speak out and match the contributions of huge corporation that is put in money. corporations don't have to get the approval of all their shareholders before they spend on political messaging, so, why should unions. that is one of the big education arguments. >> one of the things it says also, it not what it seems. we hear this every single election time. don't believe it. it is not what it seeming loot a fine print and the details which is very tiny and i can't read them. but the question is there some kind of clearinghouse t
it their flagship store, a fancy gimmick. but still everything would be 99 cents. although the locals aren't sold, the tourists say they would buy for only touristy reason. >> reporter: 99 cents is just an idea right now for the retailers and a dream for shoppers. but who knows, maybe the affordable price tag and simple name would end up fitting in just fine. >> and that was joy benedict reporting. the discount chain's ceo says that many celebrities have been spotted shopping at its stores. >>> only about two weeks away from halloween and the 90s are coming back. find out when next. thanks, paul. >>> all right, here we go. warmer weather will be coming up for you this week. a whole different ball game. here's a peek outside. mainly clear skies. temperatures are running well above what will be expected for you at this time of the year as we're looking at temperatures in the mid-60s right now in san francisco. 65 still. down to 69. oakland at 67. the warm spot for you right now at 72 degrees. it's kind of interesting that we have been running well below normal for the past six weeks. anywhere from
was going to make a difference, right here in my community. together with local responders, we cleared trees and collapsed walls. we had to get to the family trapped beneath. as a citizen-soldier, i made a difference. announcer: be there for your community, at . >>> welcome back. in a recent study in african- american women's skin compared to white women, white women had wrinkles while african- american women's are smooth. that is why we say black don't crack. african-americans have their own set of challenges. here to offer help is super model anderson. you have skin challenges? no! >> i do. i get some of the hyper pigmentation, is that what it is called, doctor, around my cheek, so, i have been some products. more even skin tone. >> that is you before you had the treatment. wow! >> you can see it there. and this is a very common condition which is quite rev lent in african-american patients and patients that are of colored skin. we call it ma has ma. although we don't see as much wrinkling, there are a lot of issues in younger and older patients. you won't ridge a
extraordinarily close coordinations between state, federal, and local governments. so we are confident that the assets are pre-positioned for aneffective responsive response. >> with sandy expected to affect the northeast through thursday, that response could take some time. now before sending out to the caribbean, there were more than 50 casualties. at least five people in new york killed by falling tree limbs. reporting live in new york, i'm randall pinkston, back to you. >> as you can see sandy has lived up to the warnings of flooding and damage along the eastern sea born. we're going to check in with cbs 5, chief meteorologist with the current locations. >> this storm is huge, expanding all the way north from maine to south carolina. that's a lot of real estate. here's a look at your satellite review, even some snow on the western flag of the storm in west virginia. look at these wind gusts finally coming down, but we are talking six straight hours with wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour in atlantic city. now a big storm, where is it headed next? it will be moving inland and
is considered a sporting event. >> absolutely! we will be hearing from our local prominent bay area politicians about that. but first, let's take a look at something unusual going on. >>> this is an extreme athlete and this is tape from earlier as he is preparing for what is going to be a sky dive that is supposed to break the sound barrier. bell the first guy to ever do this. >> he is going up in the balloon, pumping up the balloon that will take him 26- miles above roswell, new mexico. he is in the space suit because he is going to try to break the sound barrier and do the height and speed as he drops down the parachute. >> it will take about three hours to get to the height he is going for, 23-miles in the air. then the defense will begin -- decent will begin. this will be the fastest, furtherrest free fall. >> the balloon taking him up, the distance is 55 stories between him and the capsule. that is rather amazing. he will drop. he says if he has successful on this, it will with his final chute. >> i could be that being final. he will be so high there will be no oxygen in the air. this
or two. he owe local government a billion. we owe 6 billion to the recovery bond. we will pay those off and as we pay those off that will lower the spending. as the tax comes off in seven years, the income tax, we should be, with any kind of recovery, on a good path to a balanced budget. to do that i have to be dr. no. i don't think i fully realize how much i have to be the guy to say no, but that is the vocation i have chosen and i will exercise the fiscal discipline to keep this things moving on track. >> essaying the $6 billion in cuts won't come to fruition and they will find money in sacramento. we have seen the hidden funds. is he bluffing? is he crying wolf? >> they are already built into the budget? the legislature did not have the wherewithal to cut at that time. they handed it off to the voter, what they liked to do. he said he would not raise taxes without going to the voters. it is going to the voters and he has the triggers in there. the question is not can we find money, but the question is how are the schools going to do with $6 billion less. the voters can say i c
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